MONOXIDE was launched in the summer of 2012 and it all started with a broken piece of jewelry! Instead of throwing that piece away, Tyler tried to fix it herself. And just like that a fire was lit, MONOXIDE was born and Tyler found herself at the local bead store buying supplies.

At first Tyler reimagined vintage pieces into modern treasures and taught herself design through the disassembly of each piece. As demand grew, she shifted away from one of a kind pieces and began creating collections. However that love of being so hands on and discovering a piece bit by bit has never left her. Because of this Tyler does not draw her pieces like most but still constructs each sample by hand before it goes into production for her collections.



Designer and founder of MONOXIDE, Tyler Ferguson, aims to tell tales of authenticity, translating genuine stories through the creation of visual pieces. Inspired by writing and literature growing up, Tyler has always found storytelling captivating, and through her love of jewelry making, she is able to tell visual stories with her designs. Born in Toronto and raised in Canada and The Bahamas; Tyler is the product of Caribbean parents with global sensibilities; and often jokingly refers to herself as a "Cabajayan" (Canadian/Bahamian/Jamaican).

A creative from an early age her passion was originally writing, and it was initially the career path she intended to pursue. However, being involved in the wholesale jewelry business throughout her teens and later as part of the family retail business; she found she could not deny her love for fashion and especially her passion for jewelry.