Behind The Design: The Nocturne Collection

Behind The Design: The Nocturne Collection

Behind The Design

The Making of the Nocturne Collection

Meet MONOXIDE's Nocturne collection, an exploration of how the ordinary become extraordinary at nightfall, of things not seen in the shadows. A culmination of 10 years of design this collection infuses our iconic brand elements fusing hard and soft to create pieces that are bold yet classic and timeless.

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A Commitment to Canadian Manufacturing

Cutting chain, wire wrapping stones and beading intricate patterns. Lead designer and founder Tyler creates each piece of our iconic jewelry collection by hand in our Downtown Toronto studio. As a self taught jewelry designer she has honed her craft through 10 years of grit, determination, exploration and creativity. 

Ready to go behind-the-scenes? Let's dive into our creative process and the craftsmanship at our heart of our brand. Don't worry we won't test you on the process later... Or will we?



Our pieces are designed and made in Canada. We partner with a Canadian plating house, Canadian stone dealers, mould makers and suppliers which have been handpicked by Tyler. We strive to work with Canadian manufacturers as much as possible to maintain the high quality of our pieces.




Handcrafted With Sustainability in Mind

We are very conscious of MONOXIDE's footprint and strive to reduce the amount of waste our brand creates wherever possible. This includes dismantling any pieces leftover from collections more than three seasons old and reincorporating the materials into new fresh designs. 



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