Winningly Flawed

I am by nature a collector; of ideas, clothes, rocks, swatches of fabric, books, anything and everything that catches my interest. However, these varied pursuits often seem fragmented, disjointed; an indication of a personality unable to commit or even more serious of a hoarding mentality.

This somewhat unflattering view of my interests was put to the test recently when I came across a very interesting article. Naturally from a November 2012 Globe & Mail newspaper that I had placed in a collection of articles to be read later; the quote that caught my attention was by an author named Jennifer Eagan. It read, “Emma has always been my favorite Jane Austen novel. A lot of people tend to like Emma…she’s such a winningly flawed person.” What really caught my attention was the term “winningly flawed”. It got me thinking…I am definitely flawed but maybe I could also add winningly to that label as well. After all it’s not only the perfection of a thing that makes it memorable but in fact the imperfections as well.

Authenticity therefore is embracing all aspects of your personality, and most of all accepting that beauty, wisdom, joy, peace, and all the things that are wrapped up in who we are or will be, are a combination of all our parts both perfect and imperfect. My own authentic style is therefore “winningly flawed”; it is not a search for perfection but an embrace of life. A willingness to take the path less travelled. This has led me to live in three different countries, it has given me a beautiful daughter, amazing friends, wonderful memories and most of all it has brought me here and placed me on the path to achieving my dreams.

As the owner of Port Credit Emporium, a shop gallery and community space in Port Credit, Ontario I have finally found a place for all my “collectables” and a love of my “winningly flawed” self.

I challenge you to find and celebrate your own authentic style! Dream boldly and live stylishly my friends.

Karen Ferguson/Port Credit Emporium

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