The Importance of Being Authentic

When I hear the word “Authentic” I think cool, real, tangible. Something physical that transcends the clothing itself; something that took time and effort and is a visual signature of you. Allowing yourself to be unhindered by society and media and being the most authentic version of yourself drives creativity, it allows you to be comfortable with yourselves and shows that the opinion you value the most is your own. It also inspires others to do the same.  

Personally it’s taken a lot to get to where I am today. I’ve gone through a lot of phases and I am finally beginning to be ok with just being myself. I have a very distinct style and it portrays different traits of my personality. However, I’m not perfect and like everyone else I have moments of weakness and doubt, I think about shutting it all off and trying to be something I’m not. But then someone compliments me, my friends ask me for my advice on something or I see a pair of vintage earrings that I just have to add to my collection and I snap out of it. If I had to describe my authentic style I think I would call it “relaxed boldness”. I’ll admit it, I like to make an entrance when I enter a room and I love bright colours. I incorporate a lot of hats (for those who know me personally, you may recall my silver sequined hat fondly), a bright flower in my hair sometimes, I have a neon yellow cable knit sweater, and a real chequered black and white man’s bowtie that I’ve never worn around my neck. The list goes on and on but I like to be comfortable as well.

My authentic style relates directly to my business. It allows me to look at a piece of jewellery and see the unexpected possibilities. It also has a hand in all the crazy ideas I come up with. I’m not an artist, I’m not a musician; I am a thinker. Being authentic allows me to appreciate and value the creativity of others instead of comparing or judging it. It allows me to be inspired.

Tyler/Monoxide Style

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