Starting a fashion blog

Starting a fashion blog was a very exciting thing for me- it’s something that I’d been dreaming about for a long time.  I knew it was what I wanted and I still love doing it every day.  That being said, I continue to doubt myself all the time.  Having the confidence to be who I am in the face of my friends and my critics has been a personal goal for myself over the past few years. 

It’s difficult to always be authentic as an artist or creative person because we put ourselves out there; we become vulnerable in sharing who we are to the world.  I have realized though, that in order to be satisfied in myself and have peace, I have to push myself to be authentic.  To me, this means paying attention to the subtle feelings that tell you something is not right.  It’s almost like catching yourself in a lie- you know when you’re choosing something that isn’t YOU.  Being authentic also means that I’m continuing to share and be vulnerable even when I don’t always get good feedback.  This one is hard! It’s so much easier to do the things that we get affirmation for. 

I recently experienced my personal style and preferences beginning to change and mature, in my opinion.  These changes were exciting and fresh to me, but I noticed a drop in the affirmation that comes through all my social medias: lookbook, instagram, blog comments, etc.  I got discouraged but there’s no way I could go back to something that just didn’t feel right or represent who I am.  The good news is that I’m developing a fan base that likes it!  Being true to myself is the only option for me because it’s the only way I’ll enjoy the creative things I do.

Michelle Madsen/TAKE AIM

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