Authenticity to me is about being “ME”


Authenticity to me is about being “ME”.  Being real, genuine and conscious of the way I feel, and coming to terms with who  I am.  I have to admit as Tyler mentioned in her explanation, we do all go through different stages and phases in our lives.  Sometimes I feel amazing and unstoppable, and on the other hand powerless, uncomfortable, strained and unhappy.

For me it has been difficult to be myself.  Without going into too much detail I was a size 2-5 as teenager, and somewhat confident since I felt good about how I looked.  Along came some severe health problems later in life which in turn caused me to put on weight.  I am only mentioning this situation because it has a lot to do with this topic of authenticity.  I fought it and fought it, thought to myself “ I will get back to what I was…"  But weight, our shapes, colour of our skin, eyes etc. is not what makes us.  Who we are as a person, our heart condition, how we treat others, how we make a difference in the world is WHO WE REALLY ARE.  I am slowly getting to know myself more and more through thinking, decision making, failings and winnings, and the path I choose to be on.  I’m not perfect and still battle these things, but I am accepting myself.  People I meet, friends, and family love me for me, not what I am trying to be.  It is something I have to accept and keep moving forward. 

I am an artist, I paint in oils and acrylics.  My painting has been a therapy for me over the last couple of years.  It was a hobby mostly and then friends and family said "Why not get yourself out there?"  The way I felt back then, I cringed…to think how people might look at me, my work, basically my soul, ME.  It made me sick.  However,  I did it, and I am doing it! It is the best thing I have done for myself.  I accept me, my dreams, passions, faults… and perhaps not perfectly.  Life  keeps going, and I am going with it.  I am a genuine, straight person.  I am real, what you see is what you get.  Coming to terms as I put it earlier, with who I am, is not a negative thing.  It is a positive step, acceptance.  Which in turn means happiness. 

To be authentic you need this realization, a genuine self-analysis.  Being honest with yourself allows you to come across as genuine and real to others.  It’s quite easy to see an authentic individual, like the blink of an eye.  You just know when someone is being themselves. It’s much more attractive.  So let’s be real, genuine, and attractive.  LET’S BE AUTHENTIC.


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